Spider & Varicose Veins

Treat spider and varicose veins at Simply Radiant’s professional, luxury medical spa in Las Vegas, NV. Millions of men and women around the world suffer from sunburst varicosities, commonly known as spider veins. These veins can occur throughout the body but are usually found in the leg region. In addition to the physical side effects of spider veins such as aching, swelling, and burning, their appearance is unsightly and often prompts us to hide our legs entirely.

How Does It Work?

Thankfully, sclerotherapy vein treatment is available to reduce the appearance of spider veins via sclerosing solution injections. The solution encourages the veins to collapse and eventually fade from view entirely. Sclerotherapy has also been shown to help reduce the physical pain associated with spider veins.

What Is The Treatment Like?

When you decide to get vein treatment from Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, our Advance Nurse Practitioner, Peggy Pruchnicki, APRN, will assess your individual situation and determine the areas where the injections should be made. The actual procedure only takes between 15 to 45 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The needles used for the injections are very thin, and many patients do not even feel them, allowing them to read, chat, or watch television during the vein treatment procedure.

Follow Up Care

Following sclerotherapy vein treatment, it’s recommended to wear supportive hose for the first three days and remain active to prevent any blood clots from forming. Walking is the best form of exercise in the month following the injections, as strenuous exercise such as jogging can put unneeded stress on the injected areas. Don’t be alarmed if your legs look slightly worse immediately following the injections; this is totally normal, and you will see drastic improvement within one month. With sclerotherapy vein treatment from an experienced Nurse Practitioner, you can enjoy showing off your legs again!

Get A Free Consultation

If you suffer from spider veins and would like to learn more about sclerotherapy vein treatment please contact us at Simply Radiant to set up an initial consultation at our Las Vegas MedSpa today.


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