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Plasma Pen TummyGet rid of signs of aging with all the benefits of cosmetic surgery and none of the downtime. At Simply Radiant, we are excited to introduce you to the power of the Plasma Pen in Las Vegas. This skin tightening technology can take years off your face in a matter of minutes. Let us show you how.

Fight Gravity With Energy

During a Plasma Pen treatment, our pen-shaped device uses electricity to produce plasma. As we trace over problem area, this dominant form of energy virtually erases skin complaints by shrinking unwanted skin and stimulating collagen and elastin production.

How The Plasma Pen Can Benefit You

Struggling with loose skin? Some of us see it in the mirror when we smile, while others see it only after years of wear on the body. Pregnancy, genetics, and lifestyle factors can all affect how much excess skin we have (literally) hanging around.
With plasma skin tightening, also known as fibroblast skin tightening treatments, you can say goodbye to that last bit of loose stomach skin, and even improve the appearance of acne scars. Plasma Pen treatments can give you that lift and tightening that you have been waiting for.

  • Reduce Hooded Eye Lids
  • Smooth Out Annoying Crows Feet
  • Tighten Jowly Or Excessive Neck Skin
  • Fine Tune A Post-Pregnancy Tummy
  • Erase Lines & Wrinkles Around The Mouth
  • Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Banish those saggy, droopy, creased excess folds and wrinkles and replace them with fresh, plump, youthful skin.

The Skinny On Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

Who doesn’t want smoother skin with lasting results? We are familiar with those conversations you have with yourself in the mirror; gently pulling and smoothing out your skin, imagining the years a facelift, neck lift, tummy tuck, or eye lift could remove. There’s no reason to undergo the risks, costs, and downtime of surgery.
Non-invasive Plasma Pen treatments take minimal time and can last for years. See initial results immediately. It only gets better in the days to come.

Your downtime should be, on the whole, cosmetic and may consist of some swelling, redness, and scabbing. Exact treatment times, healing periods, and time to see results will depend on your specific procedure.

A Younger Looking You In Las Vegas

We can’t wait to show you how Plasma Pen treatments can work for you individually. If the face you are showing to the world doesn’t seem to match the youthful, vibrant you underneath, let us help.
Give us a call at Simply Radiant today to make your appointment for a plasma skin tightening consultation in Las Vegas.

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