Neck Wrinkles

Looking and feeling younger is easy with our suite of treatments for neck wrinkles at Simply Radiant med spa in Las Vegas, NV. We offer several wrinkle treatment options that can help to remove or reduce the appearance of neck creases.

What Are Neck Wrinkles?

They seem to appear overnight. You look in the mirror one day and notice that your neck has wrinkled and you wonder what’s going on. These tale-tell signs of an aging neck go by many different names.

  • Turkey Neck
  • Necklace Lines
  • Neck Tree Rings
  • Crepey Neck
  • Tech Neck
  • Saggy Neck

There are two different types of neck wrinkles: vertical and horizontal. Verticle neck wrinkles sit vertically deep within the skin while horizontal neck wrinkles sit horizontally causing the skin to look loose. How does this happen?

Causes Of Neck Wrinkles

Age is the largest factor in the development of neck wrinkles. As we age, our collagen, which helps provide structure for our skin, begins to break down. Thinner, drier skin with less elasticity is the result. This combination causes your skin to appear less firm, creased, saggy, and wrinkled.

In addition to age, there can be other culprits as well.

  • Weight Fluctuations
  • Hormone Fluctuations
  • Sun Damage
  • Side Sleeping
  • Smoking
  • Genetics

It’s Time To Baby Your Neck

It’s only natural to want to look your best from head to toe. When we look good, we feel good. Feeling good about your appearance can give an added boost to your self-confidence and add a little more bounce to your step.

If you are feeling self-conscious about neck wrinkles, Botox injections are one of several popular treatment options we have available at our Las Vegas medspa. Your Simply Radiant younger-skin expert will help you determine the right neck wrinkle treatment option for your unique needs.

Preventing Skin Problems

After treatment to get rid of neck wrinkles, you will likely want to do everything you can to prevent future neck wrinkles and get the most benefit possible out of your treatment. You’re in luck because there are several things that you can do to keep your neck wrinkle-free for as long as possible.

Use Customized Skincare

Cleansing and moisturizing daily can help keep your neck looking great. We offer a large selection of skincare products and can help you identify which products will work best for your specific needs and skin type.

Nix That Sun & Smoke Damage

Your neck needs to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays as well. Using a quality sunscreen on your neck and decolletage, in addition to your face, daily can help prevent aging sun damage such as sunspots and wrinkles.

If you smoke, younger skin is just yet another great reason to quit. Do your body and your skin a favor and work to quit smoking.

Be Smarter About Devices

Be mindful of how much time is being spent with your neck bent while staring down at electronics. Get into the habit of raising your phone or tablet so that you don’t have to bend your neck to see them. This is good for your spine as well as your skin.

Look & Feel Younger In Las Vegas

If you are ready for a before and after you have to see to believe, we can help. At Simply Radiant, we offer state of the art products, procedures, and services to restore and preserve your natural beauty.

Contact us in Las Vegas today to schedule a consultation for neck wrinkle treatment.

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