Fat loss is typically considered a good thing: unless it’s associated with aging and begins to impact your appearance in the form of volume loss negatively. At Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV, we have an effective solution for volume loss called Renuva. Renuva injections are versatile, unique cosmetic injectables that can restore natural volume to different body areas and deliver long-lasting and subtle results.

What Is Renuva?

Renuva is a unique cosmetic injectable specifically designed to replace volume in areas that have suffered from volume loss as a result of the aging process. This injectable contains highly purified fatty tissues, proteins, collagen, nutrients, and growth factors that mirror human fat cells.

Most cosmetic injectables designed to restore volume contain a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid. However, this groundbreaking treatment forces the body to create new fat cells in the injection area. Over time, your body will metabolize the injectable ingredients replacing them with new, natural fat cells.


An Alternative to Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a popular treatment involving injections of the patient’s fat cells. However, it can be invasive because it requires that patients undergo liposuction to remove fat cells from a donor site so they can be re-injected into the treatment area.

This injectable is an effective alternative to fat grafting because it doesn’t require liposuction, which also means it doesn’t need downtime. The injection processes are quick and effective; you won’t have to take time off work or plan for downtime to see results.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Renuva Injections Treat?

Renuva injections treat many concerns resulting from volume loss, facial fat redistribution, and facial structure changes. These injections can be administered into the most common areas that exhibit signs of volume loss and result in hollow areas on the face and body. Specifically, injections can replace volume and address fat loss in the temples, nasolabial folds, cheeks, neck, and hands.

Expert injectors are also using these injections to add volume to areas of the body to address imperfections like cellulite dimples, irregularities resulting from liposuction, and even scars. This injectable can meet the needs of patients with both aging-related and cosmetic concerns.

How Does the Treatment Process Work?

The first step in this treatment process is an initial consultation. If you’re interested in using remover to restore volume to areas that have been negatively affected by the aging process, or even significant weight loss, we can design a treatment plan that’s right for you. One of the benefits of this unique injectable is that because the ingredients mirror substances made by your body, very few patients have an adverse reaction to the injectable ingredients.

What Happens During the Injection Process?

This session will feel similar if you’ve ever experienced an injectable cosmetic treatment. Typically, it takes less than 30 minutes to administer Renuva injections. Most patients do not require topical anesthesia to endure the treatment, but if you prefer a numbing solution, you can address your concerns with our injector. Once the numbing solution takes effect, your injector will administer the injectable directly into your treatment area.

Your treatment process may include a few to several injections based on how many areas you want to treat and how much volume you want to add to specific areas of your face or body. You can treat one or multiple locations during your treatment to achieve the most comprehensive results as quickly as possible. One of our injectors can review the different treatment areas to see if you will benefit from one or more of these injections to reach your aesthetic goals.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Because the ingredients in Renuva injections mirror substances produced by the body, you can expect natural results. Patients respond well to the treatment process, and their body uses the ingredients to create new fat cells to deliver long-lasting results. In some cases, results are permanent. Regardless, you can expect your results to last up to 10 years when you undergo this treatment process.

How Quickly Does the Treatment Work?

These injections deliver some incredible results, but the results take time. You will see initial improvements in your problem area as the injectable ingredients create the honeycomb matrix within the skin’s structure.

It typically takes three to six months to fill that honeycomb structure with natural fat cells, after which the body will slowly metabolize the Renuva ingredients. You’ll be left with natural fat cells, increased volume, and an improved overall appearance.

Are There Any Post-Treatment Care Instructions?

There is no downtime post-treatment, but you must follow some post-treatment instructions. One of the primary post-treatment instructions is to avoid strenuous exercise to ensure optimal results. Your injector will give you details about how to care for the injection sites, but it’s important to know that if you plan on working out the day of your treatment, you do it before your appointment.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Renuva is FDA-approved to restore volume to different face and body areas. You can rest assured that when you undergo this treatment, it will be safe and effective and help you achieve subtle and natural-looking results and increased fat volume that isn’t synthetic.

Experience an Injectable That Delivers Real, Natural Volume

If you’ve been hesitant to begin treatment with dermal fillers or if your body does not tolerate the ingredients in hyaluronic acid-based fillers, there is another solution that works. Our injectors can give you more information about Renuva, how it works, and what you can expect so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you.