At Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV, we know that different factors can negatively impact the appearance and aesthetics of the vagina and labia, which is why we offer vaginal rejuvenation and labia enhancement. These two women’s health treatments can help boost women’s confidence with different concerns and promote sexual rejuvenation and overall sexual wellness.

Women’s Health Treatments: Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labia Enhancement

Many women are interested in vaginal rejuvenation and labia enhancement but forgo discovering more about their treatment options because they assume all treatments are invasive or surgical. They are not interested in invasive measures, surgery, or downtime. At Simply Radiant, we have an alternative that can help women reach their goals without planning around significant downtime.

We perform vaginal rejuvenation and labia enhancement as part of our women’s health treatments to improve the area’s aesthetics and promote increased confidence and overall sexual regeneration.

How Do Labia Augmentation Treatments Work?

Unlike many enhancement treatments that require surgical or invasive procedures to improve the appearance of the labia and vagina, our vaginal rejuvenation and labia enhancement treatments are quick, simple, virtually painless, and minimally invasive. We use different injectable techniques to augment the area to improve its appearance strategically.

Renuva Injections

We offer an innovative cosmetic injectable called Renuva that contains powerful active ingredients that force the body to create new natural fat cells in the injection area. This injectable treatment allows us to add volume to the labia to augment the size and correct visual imperfections like asymmetry.

Plus, the results are long-lasting. Unlike many dermal fillers that fade over time as the body metabolizes the product, this filler does the opposite. Once injected, it creates a honeycomb matrix beneath the skin’s surface, and the body fills that matrix with new, natural fat cells. The overall volume increases in the area, and the results are entirely natural.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

After undergoing this treatment process, you can expect increased natural volume. Still, it takes one to three months for the body to respond to the injectable ingredients and create new fat cells to increase the volume in the area.

How Long Will My Results Last?

This treatment delivers long-lasting results that can last up to 10 years and, in some cases, are even permanent. One of our injectors will review the results you can expect based on your treatment goals at your initial consultation.

Is It Safe?

Not only is this treatment process effective, but it’s also extremely safe. Renuva is a cosmetic injectable that has FDA approved for injections almost anywhere in the body where fat cells exist. For that reason, when you choose it to rejuvenate and enhance the vagina and labia, you can rest assured that it is safe and natural and will help you achieve your desired results, surgery-free.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients who use Renuva to enhance their labia only need one injection to achieve the best results. However, you may need more than one treatment based on your ultimate goals. One of our injectors will create a plan that’s right for you after confirming that this treatment will help you meet your goals.

Is the Treatment Process Painful?

When you choose this women’s health treatment for labia enhancement and vaginal rejuvenation, you can rest assured that our expert injectors will take every measure possible to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. While this area is more sensitive than other injection sites, they will apply a topical numbing solution to the planned treatment areas so that you remain comfortable throughout the quick treatment.

Customizing Your Treatment

We also offer other treatment options to help rejuvenate the vagina, including platelet-rich plasma injections to promote sexual wellness. This treatment is also known as the V-shot and can enhance sexual sensation in women. It can also help treat some sexual health dysfunctions and women, like infrequent orgasms and lack of sex drive. You can combine this treatment with Renuva injections to experience the best results.

If you’re interested in one or more of this vaginal rejuvenation and sexual health treatments, one of our experts can discuss the details of each with you during your initial consultation.

Who Is a Candidate?

Since many factors can affect the appearance of the labia and surrounding area, many different women are good candidates for this treatment. Women in good health and looking for a non-surgical approach to enhancing this area can benefit from this minimally invasive women’s health treatment.

Women who have noticed that aging has affected the appearance of their vagina and labia or who have undergone one or multiple pregnancies and births that have changed the area’s appearance can benefit from this treatment process. Additionally, women who have experienced weight fluctuations, fat loss, skin laxity, or even have asymmetry in the area can benefit from this treatment.

Get the Body You Want

You don’t have to undergo invasive surgery to experience all the benefits of sexual rejuvenation and labia enhancement. Our experts can discuss your goals and review the treatment options to see if you are an excellent treatment candidate. You will benefit from this unique and minimally invasive treatment process. Contact us today at Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV, to schedule your consultation.