When researching cosmetic fillers and injections, you’re sure to find a lot of information about the benefits of Botox. But is this anti-aging treatment really safe? At Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, we use Botox injections to reduce wrinkles, firm up sagging skin, and reduce many of the other signs of aging to take years off your face in just a few minutes.

Let us help you get the information you need to make the best decision about injectables like Botox.

What Is Botox?

Botox is a protein that inhibits nerve signals and constricts muscle movement. In short, this incredibly popular, time-tested cosmetic treatment keeps your facial muscles from moving in the ways that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles like crows feet, smile lines, laugh lines, and worry lines.

  • A Highly Purified, Natural Substance
  • Performed By A Licensed Medical Professional
  • FDA-Approved & Backed By Decades Of Research
  • Professionally Administered Botox Won’t Freeze Your Face
  • The Treatment Is Repeatable & Non-Addictive

Botox has been approved for cosmetic purposes since 2001. In the last twenty years, it has also been prescribed by doctors from a variety of specialties for everything from depression to migraines and even for excessive sweating.

Experience Makes All The Difference

Before deciding to get Botox, it is critical that you find an experienced medical professional who knows where and how much to inject for your unique needs and goals. During your initial consultation, they will evaluate your skin and ask about any underlying medical conditions that might affect your results.

Opting for cheap injections and inexperienced practitioners can put you at risk for extremely rare but serious side effects such as muscle weakness and vision problems. This is not a treatment to let someone practice on you.

Botox Injections In Las Vegas

At Simply Radiant Med Spa, a licensed medical professional will always perform your Botox treatment. We are experienced in targeting the right facial muscles to reduce surrounding wrinkles, resulting in smoother skin and a younger-looking appearance. Call today to schedule your free consultation.