Dermal fillers can restore volume to the face and other areas of the body in a quick, safe, and efficient treatment. However, you may not be aware of the fact that dermal fillers can also be used in men’s sexual wellness treatments, specifically through a treatment called the enhanced P shot. This treatment promotes increased confidence in men and also improves different aspects of sexual wellness, and we offer it here at Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV.

Men’s Sexual Wellness: The Enhanced P Shot

The Enhanced P Shot is a men’s sexual wellness treatment that uses dermal fillers to enhance the penis by increasing the size, specifically the width and girth. This specialized treatment is performed by expert injectors who have the skill, precision, and accuracy to safely inject hyaluronic acid-based fillers to specific areas of the penis to increase its size.

What It Is

The Enhanced P-Shot includes a series of cosmetic injections into various areas of the penis. These hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the same fillers that add volume to the face to deliver natural results. They contain a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid, a substance that the body produces naturally.

Because the synthetic hyaluronic acid in these injectables so closely matches the natural version made by the body, the body tolerates the substance after the injection process and responds well. This process can:

  • Enhance penis circumference by 15 to 35%
  • Increase confidence and boost self-esteem
  • Deliver long-lasting results
  • Help patients achieve desired results without surgery
  • Help resolve premature ejaculation

Promote sexual wellness

How It Works

This treatment takes approximately one hour to complete. The process begins with an initial consultation with our expert injector, who will ask you some questions about your medical history and your ultimate goals to ensure that this treatment is a safe option for you. Once we confirm that you are a candidate for the Enhanced P Shot, we can schedule your appointment.

The Treatment Process

When you arrive, we will situate you in a treatment room, and a topical numbing solution will be applied to the treatment area. Then, once the area becomes numb, the injector will administer the necessary injections with a microcannula just beneath the top layer of the skin. As a benefit, the filler formulation contains lidocaine.

Lidocaine is a numbing agent that helps ensure a comfortable treatment process and helps patients remain comfortable both during and after the treatment process. It typically takes anywhere from five to 15 syringes of hyaluronic-acid-based filler to complete this treatment and help patients achieve the best results. You can trust our expert injector to help you achieve your desired results and experience the most comfortable treatment possible.

What To Expect

After your treatment, you will see immediate results. There’s no downtime associated with this treatment, and you can even schedule the treatment during a lunch break at work since it only takes one hour to complete. Even though you can resume most of your daily activities once the treatment is over, you will need to follow your injector’s post-treatment instructions to ensure the best results and an optimal outcome.

Typically, you will need to follow the same post-treatment instructions typical of dermal fillers, including avoiding strenuous exercise, avoiding activities that will increase your body temperature, avoiding alcohol, and avoiding anti-inflammatory supplements and medications.

How Long Will My Results Last?

The fillers that we use to perform this treatment can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months. However, results do vary because when it comes down to it, your body will determine how long your treatment results last. Different patients metabolize dermal fillers at different rates, so once you begin to notice that your results are fading, you can schedule a follow-up treatment.

If you do not schedule a follow-up treatment for any reason, your penis will simply resume its pre-injection state. Once you are ready to resume treatment, you can schedule another appointment to add volume to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Resume Sexual Activity?
After your treatment, you will need to refrain from sexual activity for approximately one week. This will give the benefits of the treatment time to take effect.

Is This Treatment Safe?

This treatment is completely safe and is a surgical alternative that can help men reach their aesthetic goals without undergoing an invasive surgical procedure that requires significant downtime.

All of these fillers have been evaluated, studied, and proven to be a safe way to add volume to different areas of the body, the penis included. They contain a substance that is a synthetic version of what the body makes naturally, so you can rest assured that your body will respond well to the filler formulation.

When Can I Resume Physical Activity?

After your treatment, you should avoid strenuous activity for approximately one week. You can perform light activities after two days, but you should spend the first couple of days resting and allowing your body to respond to the treatment so that the filler can settle in the optimal locations.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for this sexual wellness treatment are patients who are in good health and want to undergo this treatment to address self-esteem and confidence issues regarding their penis size. Those whose penis size is considered smaller than average or those who simply want to increase its size both qualify for this treatment.

It’s important to note that this treatment is not permanent, and you will require follow-up treatments to maintain results. Additionally, it’s important that you follow all of our post-treatment care instructions to ensure the best possible results, as not following instructions completely could negatively impact your treatment outcome.

Increase Your Confidence and Promote Your Sexual Wellness

If you are looking for a natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical way to boost your confidence and increase the size of your penis with a quick and painless treatment, you may be the perfect candidate for the Enhanced P Shot. We are ready to help you learn more about this safe and effective men’s sexual wellness treatment and determine if it’s right for you. Contact us today at Simply Radiant to schedule your consultation.