Your blood does more than carry oxygen and nutrients through your body. When injected into your scalp, your blood contents can stimulate hair growth. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration is a treatment that utilizes the healing properties of your blood. If you struggle with hair loss, thinning hair, or genetic baldness, you could benefit from PRP hair restoration. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative method of hair growth offered at Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV.

Hair Loss Conditions

There is a difference between thin, fine hair and baldness patterns. Both men and women can experience genetic pattern baldness, meaning their hair begins to fall out at an early age. 

Some other hair loss conditions contribute to receding hairlines, thinning hair, and bald spots. PRP hair restoration can treat many of these, including:

  • Alopecia
  • Female-pattern baldness
  • Male-pattern baldness
  • Age-related hair loss
  • Other underlying medical conditions 

If you notice that you lose a lot of hair in the shower or after brushing, this could be a sign of serious hair loss. Everyone loses a little bit of hair from time to time. However, if you consistently notice clumps falling out or bald patches, you may need PRP hair restoration. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated form of specific cells in your blood. We centrifuge your blood sample to isolate the PRP. This means we spin the sample at high speeds to separate plasma and red blood cells. The plasma substance is what we use for PRP hair restoration. 

The plasma in your blood contains helpful proteins and growth factors that stimulate cell regeneration. When we inject PRP into your scalp, the plasma enlarges your hair follicles to allow for more growth. This also nourishes your hair to give you healthier locks. 

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

The first step in PRP hair restoration is to collect a blood sample. We gently draw enough blood to cover all of the areas on your scalp that need treatment. Then, we put the blood into a centrifuge machine to separate the PRP and red blood cells. Once the substance is ready, we begin the procedure. 

When you come in for your PRP hair restoration treatment, you have options. You can choose between topical numbing cream or sedation while we perform the treatment. Most patients have a quick and easy experience with PRP hair restoration, but sedation can help patients with anxiety surrounding the procedure. 

PRP hair restoration is a non-surgical treatment. After you are numbed or sedated, we start injecting the PRP we collected into your scalp. We choose which scalp areas to target after examining your patterns of hair loss. In thinning or balding spots, these injections will help nourish the hair follicles so you can get more growth. 

For many patients, the treatment takes around 60 minutes to complete. Depending on the number of injection sites, it could take more or less time. This procedure is very efficient, especially compared to surgical alternatives. 

After the Procedure

One of the advantages of PRP hair restoration is that there is no downtime required. The procedure doesn’t have any special aftercare instructions. This means you can immediately return to normal activities after your appointment

The only exception to this is if you choose sedation; then, you will have to wait until the sedative wears off. You should not operate a motor vehicle in any way while sedated, so we’ll ask you to make ride arrangements in advance. 

You can wash your hair directly after your treatment. Most patients do not report side effects or downsides to the procedure. Because we use only your blood during the treatment, no synthetic or artificial substances are involved. Your body heals itself using the power of growth factors in your blood. 


You will start to see results around two months after your treatment. It takes a few months for your hair follicles to grow long strands. Around six to nine months after your treatment, your hair growth should be noticeable. Results can continue to improve for up to a year after your PRP hair restoration procedure.

PRP hair restoration can change the appearance of your hair. If you want a full head of hair with healthy, nourished locks, we recommend this innovative treatment. You can expect your results to be well worth the wait. 

Follow-Up Treatments

After your initial procedure, you should continue to get follow-up treatments at least once a year. Your treatment outlook will vary based on how quickly your hair grows. However, multiple treatments may be necessary to ensure you maintain ideal results. 

Hair loss often happens because of underlying medical conditions, and it is often difficult to stop hair loss symptoms once they start. PRP hair restoration helps you combat these symptoms and achieve a fuller head of healthy hair. 

PRP Hair Restoration in Las Vegas, NV

If you want to fight against hair loss with this innovative procedure, visit Simply Radiant in Las Vegas, NV. We provide premium med spa services to patients with cosmetic and wellness concerns. Our caring staff works hard to make sure you have the best experience possible. 

Our med spa is designed for relaxation and cosmetic enhancement. When you look amazing, you feel amazing. Our goal is always to bring out your natural beauty with the latest in skin and hair science. 

Baldness and thinning hair don’t have to be your reality anymore. With PRP hair restoration treatments, you can experience luscious locks within the next year. Book an appointment with us for PRP hair restoration today!